House Marker Signs
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Homeowners can now celebrate the rich architectural history of Nobleboro with an attractive house marker that shows the original date their house was built and other important information.
In 2016, the Historical Society partnered with Ould Colony Artisans to provide House Marker Signs for residents. Homeowners can now celebrate the rich architectural history of Nobleboro with an attractive house marker that shows the date their house was built and other information such as the original builder/owner along with their own name if desired.

The painted markers have a cream background with dark brown lettering and are designed for placement on the outside of your home. They measure 12 by 16 inches and are made of weatherproof MDO (medium density overlay) weatherproofed signboard, which has been finished with highest quality oil-based primer and topcoat enamel. Holes are pre-drilled and screws are provided for installation.

What does the marker say?
Each custom-made marker shows the date your home was built and displays the name of Nobleboro Historical Society at the bottom.
Where should I place my historic marker?
The marker should be placed on the outside of your home, at eye level, facing the street. If architectural features or landscaping make that impractical, markers may be mounted at higher levels, including the second floor. Care should be taken to minimize confusion with your house number.

Who can participate in the house marker program?
Any home in Nobleboro, single or multifamily built in any year from 1600s to the present, qualifies for a house marker.

How long does it take to produce each marker?
Your marker will be ready in approximately 2 to 3 weeks after you place your order. It will be mailed to the address you provide.

How Do I Order A House Marker?
Fill out the order form with your information and make checks payable to Ould Colony Artisans.
To order, please print and fill out the Nobleboro House Marker Order Form

Markers sell for $65.00 plus tax and shipping/handling. This price includes a one-year membership to the Nobleboro Historical Society. For no additional charge, the Alewife Fish "Damilla" OR a decorative scroll may be placed at the top of the marker.

Mail form with check to:
Nobleboro Historical Society
P.O. Box 122
Nobleboro, ME 04555-0122

Your participation in this program helps to support historic programs at the Society, provides information about the town’s architectural development and builds a sense of pride in our community. The Nobleboro Historical Society is a non-profit organization.