The Nobleboro Historical Society has been in existence since March 1978.
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History of the Beginning of the Nobleboro Historical Society
How We Started In March 1978, the Nobleboro Historical Society was organized with the following members serving as interim officers:
Robert E. Dunbar, President
John Studley, Vice President
Marjorie Sheldon, Secretary
George F. Dow, Treasurer.
Bylaws were drawn up and plans made for a Founders Day Membership Dinner, held June 3, 1979. This event drew 91 members. Elected to serve as officers were:
James Lewis, President
Barbara Pinkham, Vice President
Regine Winter, Secretary
George Dow, Treasurer
Elected to serve as trustees were Evelyn Cross, Robert Dunbar, Nettie Starkey, John Studley, Margaret Wellman, and Harold Witham. Committee chairmen also serving as trustees were Ruth Dow, Sally Dunbar, Orland Bunker, and Donald Edwards. By the first annual meeting in 1979, membership totaled 170 charter members. The BYLAWS approved at the meeting included the following stated purposes:
  1. To collect and preserve historical memorabilia and important records relating to the town of Nobleboro
  2. To encourage and promote interest in Nobleboro history among schoolchildren and the general public through exhibits, lectures and other special events
  3. To maintain and operate the old Hawthorne schoolhouse as an historical reference center for the public, by lease or as otherwise mutually agreed upon by the Society and the Town of Nobleboro
We continue to operate under these bylaws and have set GOALS for the coming years. They are:
  1. Update the Centerís displays of artifacts and Nobleboro History
  2. Increase our depth of knowledge about Nobleboroís history so we can share with individuals and groups
  3. Grow the Nobleboro Historical Society membership to include younger generations of old Nobleboro families and those of us "from away" in Nobleboro
To fulfill these goals, the Society has:
  • Applied to the State Archival Dept for grant monies to help preserving our archives and manuscripts
  • Begun cataloging artifacts with a renumbering system and entry into a computerized database
  • Updated the display of artifacts in the Society building
  • Made plans to link the database activity of artifacts with our web site