Wetland Areas

Wetlands are an important part of our national and local heritage. Our economic well being and quality of life largely depend on our nation's wealth of natural resources, and wetlands are the vital link between our land and water resources. Wetlands generally include swamps, marshes, bogs and similar areas. Wetlands are important elements of a watershed because they serve as the link between land and water resources. When properly managed, wetlands can help prevent non-point source pollution from degrading water quality.

Nobleboro has great natural beauty, with lakes, vast woodlands, and the expanse of Great Salt Bay at the head of the Damariscotta River. On the shores of Damariscotta Lake, Pemaquid Pond and Duck Puddle Pond are summer homes for hundreds of cottage owners and renters. These shores also host a variety of waterfowl that use it for breeding including eagles and ospreys. The woodlands and old meadows are home to a variety of animals from deer to coyotes to foxes.